Indumex is a company specializing in electric drives and air equipment.

In 1948 was the foundation for Indumex and now we have become a technical wholesaler with a solid reputation and a wide range.
Through our modern shop you can easily order the products you need, you want personal contact or advice please call us during office hours or visit our showroom. We include our own production of fans and electric motors with production in Ireland, we are also technical wholesaler with representation from various manufacturers! At Indumex can be sure that you get a product with the right price / performance ratio. In addition, we still do repairs and maintenance in our workshop to turn everything electrical! The complete maintenance (on location) to your machine / building is part of our capabilities.

In short, everything electrical running Indumex call: 071 402 9210

Motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes. Important in the industry, the IEC standards.

Indumex has something for everyone, standardized or outside standard, you’ll be amazed by our features!

Indumex represented several manufacturers in the field of electric motors. We try to play the manufacturers themselves sharp, and finally to you, the customer, to offer as competitive as possible.

But perhaps more importantly, direct delivery from stock, Indumex manages a stock of over 120,000 engines.

On the following pages we try to give you an idea of the program as we enter.

Siemens AC motors
A beautiful drive complete program, with several electric motors supplied from stock! Excellent value for money! Various models, IP55, IP23 and many others.

Dutchi Electric Motors
Available in both AC and AC motors, excellent performance and very economical. Type DMA/DMA2 House Size M56 to M160 in aluminum housing. DM1 in iron body type, size IEC 80 to 560 Power 0.06 – 1400 KW Standard IP55 2RS bearings, insulation class F

Soga AC motors
A comprehensive program engines and also many special motors. In Indumex focuses on AC motors with excellent performance, very suitable for 50/60 Hz fields

Various brands
Apart from these manufacturers to supply engines Indumex more brands such as Elektrim / Elektramo / Cantoni / VEM / Red Line / CEC / Flender / RPM / Sisme and many more!

Special motors and fan motors
Engines include air curtains in various designs, single axle, double axle, and a speed multi-speed (up to 7 rows) 230V 50/60Hz. 74-180-420 watt capabilities from stock.

Fan motors with spring suspension. 3 point suspensions, etc. In various capacities and voltages!

Engines to customer specifications! Special mechanical engineering, special windings, special brakes, specific feedback, etc., etc.

Motors NEMA standards, 3 point suspension, various capabilities and voltages.

Special motors
Motors receivers for high-pressure pumps feed. Vibration-free by spring suspension structure. AC version available in various voltages and capacities.

Fan motor, high power when cooled by axial or centrifugal fans. Various models, also around to mount.

Engines for power saws, also called low center engines. Available from 250 watts to 15 Kw various speeds and supply voltages

Pumps, vane pumps from KSB Centrifugal and many other brands

Direct drive centrifugal fans.
Airflow to 8000 m³ / h 230V-50Hz AC motors Transformer adjustable Various models of various manufactured goods in stock

Axial fans.
IMOFA, S & P and other manufacturers. Air output to 120,000 M ³ / h Diameter of 100mm up to several meters. All connection spans.

Fans S & P = Solar and Palau
Various models in stock. We will gladly send you detailed info here!

Fans and compact fans

V-belt driven fans, type HE
Airflow from 400 to 200,000 M ³ / h All supply voltages.

Ma-vib Ecofit Compact and centrifugal fans
Compact and quiet fans in high yields, we will gladly send you detailed info here!

Ma-vib Ecofit and axial fans
Various models available, call and we will send you detailed info to.

Ziehl Abegg fans
Reputable brand, various application in single phase and three phase versions.

Compact vertragingsmotorenBodine has an extensive range of compact gear motors, available in all speeds and supply voltages.

Bodine gear motors with speed control

If you have variable speed controls for Bodine the ability to deliver them, in both DC and AC three-phase implementation

Flender / Siemens drives:
The Flender drives, now owned by Siemens supplies drives in all models, and Worm-tooth bevel gear deceleration usually mounted Siemens electric motor, from 10 to 100,000 Nm!

Varvel gear motors
A complete set of gear motors which are affordable! Worm and gear with universal mounting capability. Torques to 5000 Nm, different transmission ratios

Easy Drive Inverters.
These inverters are ideal for controlling all standard AC motors but also for special motors. Especially if there is a need for a simple yet complete controller which is directly applicable, without all kinds of accessories, the Easydrive the best choice.

Speed controllers d.m.v. voltage regulation.
Particularly suitable for fan use to 16 amps Available in electronic and thyristor-switched performance

Specialty Products
The delivery of Indumex BV is extensive. When a drive or ventilation needs, how different whatsoever Indumex always has a solution for you Though we can not replace, we can always fix it. Please call us and we will inform you directly, Tel 020-65 98 301

Repair and maintenance
Indumex is not only a wholesaler, we do repair, service and maintenance on all types of engines and machinery. We would also like to visit you on-site assembly or repair of all electric spinning! In short, everything revolves simply call Indumex BV We are at your service, call 020-65 98 301

Power remains dangerous, service may run by specialists. We overhaul all makes of bikes! Have your drive to recover from Indumex, we will arrange it quickly and at competitive prices!

Our field staff perform spot repairs and maintenance for you. In the field of refrigeration and heating technology, but also to automate your production process. By many installers, we hired as a subcontractor to reduce them by fans, pumps on site, our technicians are very well equipped for and capable of doing it.