Motek electric motors are modern electric motors that are built according to the IEC standard IEC34-1
Motek distinguishes itself from other manufacturers by using standard engines and adapting them to your specific requirements.
For example motors with special shafts or with adapted windings or connecting cables etc,
This combined with fast flexible delivery.

These are available in the following types / versions:

Aluminum electric motor 1 phase or 3 phase

  • High Efficiency aluminum motor;
  • Power range: 0.06kW ~ 18.5kW IE1 / IE2 / IE3;
  • IEC size 56 ~ 132, ISO F (B-rise), IP55;
  • Removable feet; – B14 / B5

Brake motors

  • Various types of brakes in both AC and DC
  • power range: 0.75 to 18.5 kW
  • Low center engines
  • Efficiency class IE 1-2-3 –
  • 2 speed engines.

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